Diabetes and Homeopathy

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Diabetes has become so wide spread that it is not uncommon to find young school going children suffering from it. It has been long considered a life style disease. Still, there is no cure known to those afflicted by diabetes. A large number of resources and support groups have sprung to take advantage of the sick and claiming to make diabetics live a little longer and with a little better quality of life but ask a diabetic and you would instantly know of how little use they are from the patient.

Traditional doctors treat with a combination of dietary restrictions and insulin. Daily dose of supplemental insulin fed or injected to a diabetic goes on increasing in most of the cases and there are numerous side effects. The patient goes on suffering with an ever increasing intensity and number of additional problems induced by insulin of a synthetic or animal origin. He is counseled to make his peace with diabetes and some more drugs are prescribed to keep side effects in check.

Diabetes is not a disease but only a symptom of a preexisting malady within. Ignoring that preexisting malady and doing nothing about it ensures an uncontrolled growth of the malady within. Brilliance of homeopathy lies in that it recognizes that preexisting disease then treats and cures it by means of a medicine which is similar in its symptoms to the symptoms exhibited by the patient. Like any other disease diabetes too is but an outward manifestation of a derangement of the life force within.

Homeopathy has the power to identify and cure every derangement of life force within. There is the potential to immunize each fetus against any such derangement and thereby act as a true preventive for all chronic diseases afflicting mankind. Diabetes too is curable before the disease has had a chance to damage internal organs. A lethargic functioning of some internal organs as in cases of initial stages of diabetes is not to be confused with damage to them. A cure is very well possible and very much desired at that stage but no diabetic goes to a homeopath due to the negative publicity given to homeopathy by the medical fraternity of traditional doctors.

If only each diabetic is given a chance with a genuine homeopath in the initial stage the number of diabetics will decline to insignificant percentages. But unfortunately that is not likely to happen, because the logic of homeopathy to treat the totality of symptoms of each patient separately ensures that no two diabetics get the same kind of treatment and that means there will never be a patented drug for diabetes. But homeopathy is the only system having a true potential cure for each diabetic.

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Photo by Oskar Annermarken