Common Causes of High Cholesterol

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Generally speaking, you may identify persons who are more prone to acquiring high cholesterol levels based on their genes or lifestyle. However, with the fast rising number of young adults in their 20s who have high cholesterol levels, it is not wise to make hasty conclusions about the possible causes. At first, it can be mind boggling for someone so young to be in such predicament. But in this age, you just have to acknowledge the fact that cholesterol and coronary diseases are health deficiencies that no person is exempted in.

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According to research, there are several possible factors that influence the levels of cholesterol of a person.

1) Hereditary – Some people have parents who are both suffering from high cholesterol levels or coronary diseases. If a parent or both parents have cholesterol problems, their children will most likely acquire the same problem later on in their lives as adults.

2) Overweight – People who are overweight or obese are very susceptible to having high cholesterol levels or heart disease. The only way to address this problem is to go on a serious diet and avoid fatty foods especially dairy products and high cholesterol red meat.

3) Smoking – It may be as a cliche already, but yes smoking kills. It is by far the most dangerous habit one could ever have. The effects of it to your health are just enormous. In this case, smoking can increase your cholesterol level because when you smoke, the level of good cholesterol in your system is reduced. Therefore, your HDL will not be sufficient enough to counter the LDL or bad cholesterol in your body.

4) Sedentary lifestyle – Our heart needs to be pumped up for at least 30 minutes daily that is why health experts and doctors encourage a regular exercise. Regular exercise can help you maintain or avoid high cholesterol levels. If time is your greatest constraint in being fit and healthy, you can do a 10-minute exercise 3 times in a day. That way, your regular work routine will not be disrupted. There are many exercises that you can choose from, and it won’t even require you a gym membership.

These are the common factors that cause people to suffer from high cholesterol levels. If you are going through this dilemma, keep in mind that the best way to hurdle any health concern is by making radical changes in your lifestyle and diet. There are a lot of high nutritious meals that you can prepare and purchase from the supermarkets. There are also a lot of exercise routines that you can do everyday without having to drive to the gym. It all starts with a single step.